Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Charming British policemen admit calling a suspected domestic violence victim a 'f***ing slag' and a 'b**ch' on her voicemail

Two police officers have appeared before a disciplinary hearing and admitted referring to a suspected domestic violence victim as a 'f***ing slag' on her voicemail.

West Midlands PCs Christopher Guest and Cavan O'Connell were also said to have called Alex Faragher a 'f***ing b**ch' on the message accidentally left on her mobile phone.

Both men today appeared before the force's Professional Standards Panel (PSP) and admitted the facts of the allegations but denied they amounted to gross misconduct.

Alison Hewitt, presenting the case for the PSP, said the allegations followed Miss Faragher making a 999 call in January last year claiming her boyfriend had assaulted her.

The officers arrested the boyfriend and took him to Queen's Road station.

Ms Hewitt said the officers later tried to ring Miss Faragher, 20, to arrange a time to go and collect her statement.

She said they got her voicemail and left a message, during which they were heard calling her a 'f***ing slag' and then a 'f***ing bitch'.

Ms Hewitt said when Miss Faragher heard the voicemail she contacted the force to complain.

Giving evidence in mitigation, PC Guest admitted saying the offending words. But he said they were a 'private rant' said in a car and were only meant to be heard by himself and PC O'Connell.

The hearing is continuing.

Miss Faragher, a wedding caterer, previously explained how the pair were due to take her statement at 6pm on January 13. But half an hour later, they had not turned up so she went to her father's house because she did not want to be alone.

At 11pm, Miss Faragher went to Sutton Coldfield police station to give her statement to the same officers.

It was only later that she saw the voicemail on her phone. After hearing it, she felt 'victimised and humiliated'.

'They turned up after 6.30pm and tried to call me and mistakenly didn't hang up. I picked up the conversation they then had in the police car that was recorded as a voicemail. I could not believe what I was hearing,' she said.

'They did not realise that they had connected to my voicemail, which recorded all of the horrible things they were saying about me.

'These two people were supposed to be coming out to help me and instead I received abuse.'

Miss Faragher added: 'I was shell-shocked. It's horrifying. I feel so sick and upset. I have lost all faith. The police have belittled me and made me feel worthless. They can't be trusted.

'It was like being assaulted all over again … just after I had been through a stressful ordeal. The policemen verbally assaulted me. It's disgusting.'

Original report here

UPDATE: The cops were let off

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