Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Teenager, 19, stopped and questioned by police probing drug dealing after 'talking on his phone' while walking to get a haircut

Guilty of walking while black?

A teenager walking to get a haircut was stopped, questioned and sworn at by plain-clothed police investigating drug dealing - who said they had seen him 'talking on his phone'.

Adebola - who only wishes to be known by his first name - was told by one of the two officers in Islington, north London, to get his iPod ‘out of my f***ing face’ after realising he was being filmed.

The 19-year-old security apprentice was told to ‘account for his presence in the area’ by the officer last week, who said he was ‘standing around aimlessly’ - and asked if he was phoning his mother.

The Metropolitan Police said last night that it was aware of the video circulating online, had identified the officer featured and would be speaking to him ‘in order to give him words of advice’.

Adebola - who said he had never been arrested but has been stopped by police in the past - told MailOnline: ‘I left my house to go and get a haircut and I was walking down the road.

‘I already saw them down the road - they were driving up past me. Then he shouted something to get my attention. I ignored him and he turned his car around - and I said “What do you want”?

‘They know my name. It’s just so annoying. I think they generalise you as one of the bad public of the area. They don’t expect you to have a voice. I know how to talk to people.

A force spokesman said: ‘We are aware of a video in circulation on social media showing an exchange between a member of the public and a plain clothes police officer in Islington on Monday.

‘We have identified the officer in question and will be speaking to him in due course in order to give him words of advice. No complaint has been received in relation to this incident.’

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