Monday, August 31, 2015

NZ: Young man who came across two men attempting to break into his car is ordered to pay the THIEVES $600 after knocking them out when he caught them

Decking a car thief is "disproportionate" in New Zealand, apparently

A man who caught a burglar breaking into his car and responded by punching him unconscious was ordered to pay compensation to the thief.

Ethan Annett, 21, got word that his work vehicle was being broken into at Christchurch's Dallas St at about 10.40pm on May 9.

He arrived to the scene with his co-offender, lashing out at the two men who were attempting to steal the vehicle, reports Herald NZ.

Mr Annett fronted Christchurch District Court on Thursday for sentencing after pleading guilty to an assault charge.

His lawyer Kerry Cook said that Mr Annett was remorseful, however the incident would not have happened if someone had not been breaking in to the vehicle, which was his 'only asset'.

Mr Anette was convicted on the assault charge and in turn ordered to pay $600 compensation to his victim.

A fundraising page titled 'Ethan Annett, a reward for bravery' has been launched with the following message:  'We wish to raise funds for Ethan Annett and his brave friend to help with the wages they have lost after being unjustly convicted for assault.'

Original report here

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