Monday, February 23, 2015

Outrage as 'arrogant' traffic cop issues driver with a speeding ticket - even though he admits he 'estimated' car was over the limit and refuses to show the radar gun

Footage of a driver arguing with a policeman over a speeding ticket has gone viral after the man claims the officer wrongly pulled him over because a radar of speedometer wasn't used.

Truck driver Chris Smith filmed the police officer issuing him a speeding fine near the Coonabarabran area in NSW and uploaded the video to his Facebook page on Saturday.

The officer, who identified himself as Steven when he flashed his name badge, told Mr Smith the fine was based on his 'estimation' and he hadn't used a radar.

Mr Smith repeatedly argues that he wasn't speeding, but the officer continues to write him a ticket.

'I want to know how you can book me when I wasn't speeding?' the driver says.

The officer replies 'my estimations' before saying there was another police vehicle on the opposite side the road who agreed the driver was speeding.

'You're a senior constable, for guessing speed?' Mr Smith said.

'Estimating speed,' the officer responds.

'So obviously you're some sort of computer,' the driver argues.

The police officer hits back: 'Expert. I'm an expert at estimating speed'.

When he asks to check the speed radar, the officer says it wasn't used.

'I didn't check you on the radar. I think you need to realise everything is based on my estimations. All a radar does is back up my estimations,' the officer says.

A clearly frustrated Mr Smith suggests the estimation was wrong because the officer's sunglasses put him off, but the policeman just laughs it off.

'This absolutely ridiculous. I will take it to court because I can't get booked for not speeding. I know I can't get booked for you guessing a speed,' Mr Smith said. 'I wasn't speeding.'

The officer tells the driver it's 'my word versus yours then'.

It is understood police can issue speeding fines using radars in police cars or speed cameras, a speedometer and from an estimate of speed.

A NSW Police spokesperson said the driver was issued an infringement notice for exceeding the speed limit by more than 10km per hour.

'All highway patrol operatives are considered subject matter experts in the eyes of the court in terms of estimating speed,' they said.

'This is included as a part of the training received by potential highway patrol officers. Any LIDAR or radar check that is done has to be reinforced with a valid speed estimation.'

Mr Smith now faces a $254 fine and loss of three demerit points, police said.

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