Thursday, February 05, 2015

Disgusting British cops again

Man claims he was wrongly arrested and imprisoned by police for three days even though he kept pointing out he had a different name to suspect

An innocent chef was kept locked up in prison for three days - despite repeatedly telling police they had got the wrong man.

Mohamed Navid Bashir found himself wrongly locked up after a traffic patrol pulled his car over in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, on December 15 last year.

His fingerprints were taken, and a search of the police national computer appeared to reveal Mr Bashir, of Elland, was wanted on a warrant for failing to appear at court on a fraud charge in Scotland.

The officers detained the father at Halifax Police Station for the next 26 hours, before he was carted off to Glasgow, where he was kept for another night - all the time professing his innocence to the authorities.

Mr Bashir even had a different name to the man they were looking for.

It was only when he appeared at magistrates court that the enormity of the mistake was acknowledged - when the real wanted man's lawyer appeared and told the court, 'that's not my client', according to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner.

'It was like an episode of a police comedy, except it wasn’t funny for me or my family,' Mr Bashir, 35, told the Express.

Mr Bashir, who ended up missing his son's first nativity play, is now suing West Yorkshire Police.

His case was raised today in Prime Minister's Questions by his local MP Craig Whittaker after the police 'failed' to answer Mr Bashir's questions.

The Tory MP asked David Cameron to get Home Secretary Theresa May to look into the case.

Mr Cameron promised he would discuss it with Ms May, adding: 'This does sound a very concerning case. My understanding is that West Yorkshire Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the arrest and detention of Mr Bashir.'

Following it being discussed in the House of Commons, West Yorkshire Police have now admitted the error - although they say it was not their fault. Assistant Chief Constable Mark Milsom, of West Yorkshire Police, has since admitted the mistake - but said it happened 'in good faith'

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Milsom explained Mr Bashir's identity 'had been circulated in error'. 'Mr Bashir was an entirely innocent party and has been wrongfully arrested and detained in custody,' he acknowledged.

'However, West Yorkshire Police were not responsible for the error that led to his arrest, with our subsequent actions being conducted unaware of the error and in good faith.

'We have responded to Mr Bashir's solicitors outlining the circumstances and suggesting they may wish to raise the matter further with Police Scotland.

'Although we may not have been responsible for Mr Bashir's distressing experience, we very much regret our involvement and a senior officer will be meeting with him personally.'

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