Friday, January 30, 2015

Scottish cop stalked a string of young women and sent naked pictures to one of them

A police officer has been jailed for 15 months after he stalked a string of girls and young women and sent one naked pictures of himself.

Special constable Ryan Reid, 27, wept and shouted 'I love you mum' as he was sentenced to prison at Lanark Sheriff Court today.

He terrorised his victims - one as young as 15 - by turning up at their homes and workplaces, as well as inundating them with sexual messages on Facebook

Reid also used his position with the police to access confidential data about other people and share it with his friends.

The defendant, from Lesmahagow in Lanarkshire, pleaded guilty to seven charges involving five different women.

Sheriff Nikola Stewart ordered that Reid be put on the Sex Offenders Register for 10 years and banned from approaching two of his victims in addition to his prison sentence.

He admitted two charges of stalking women, three under the Communications Act and one under the Sexual Offences Act, as well as one offence under the Data Protection Act.

Reid carried out the offences between 2010 and 2013 - in one case, he repeatedly turned up at the petrol station where his victim was working alone.

He loitered outside the home of another young women, as well as approaching her outside a pub sending her online messages over a six-month period.

After he was charged, Reid wrote on Facebook that he was only trying to be a 'nice guy' and claimed to be the victim of sex discimination.

He wrote: 'I am willing to explain things to people if they ask me. 'If anyone has formed an opinion of me without actually speaking to me about things fair enough that's their problem, and if you don't want me on your Facebook anymore just f***ing delete me. Too hard to be a nice guy any more.'

He added: 'Every time a woman drops their trousers - promotion. Every time a man drops theirs - disciplinary action. Where's the equality in that?'

Joseph Cahill QC, defending, said in court: 'He fully accepts he did commit these things and he has full responsibility for them.

'I can tell you that he is sitting there terrified about the possibility of a custodial sentence.

'In respect to messages sent on Facebook, he says that at the time of sending them he was unaware of the impact these were having on the complainers.

'He misread the situation he was in, he was suffering mental health issues and was drinking but that is not an excuse.'

Jailing Reid, Ms Stewart said: 'The most distressing aspect of this is that he is a police officer and made it known to his victims. He was interested in grooming young girls.

'These numerous offences all displayed a course of criminal conduct which was intended for your sexual gratification and you were willing to cloud yourself with the status and office your position gave to you. No 15-year-old would report a serving police officer.

'This is not just a case about you letting down your uniform by your actions. I have listened to everything that has been said on your behalf but there is no alternative to custody in this case.'

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