Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Insane British cop 'punched and kicked me as I clung to sick daughter'

Clash on Great Ormond Street ward left mother bleeding heavily from face wound. Cop reported by his own colleagues

A police officer savagely beat a mother who rowed with staff at a children's hospital, a jury heard. PC Warren Luke grabbed the woman as she clutched the arm of her seriously ill seven-year-old daughter.

Nurses watched in horror as he punched the mother in the face and kicked her, it was alleged. The ferocity of the clash left the girl, who suffers from cerebral palsy, covered in her mother's blood.

The 41-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, wept yesterday as she told jurors she had feared she would die. She said Luke attacked her in full view of a ward of very sick children, leaving her bleeding heavily from a wound to her face.

'I couldn't do anything. I was being beaten. I was helpless. He kicked me six or seven times,' she said.

In a police video interview played to the jury, she described how Luke suddenly turned on her as two women PCs spoke to her 'nicely'.

'He told me, 'You've got to leave, you've got to leave',' she said. 'I kept playing with my daughter and then I saw him moving towards me. He was kicking me and kicking me.

'He had one hand on my head. When I fell on the bed he grabbed my hair and banged my head. I was screaming.

'I couldn't defend myself. My ex-husband ran in and shouted, 'Why are you kicking my wife?'

'It seemed as if this officer wanted to kill me.'

The former husband said: 'I saw him punch her in the face. He was elbowing her too.' Luke, 38, was one of four officers called to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London in December 2013 after the woman argued with doctors and refused to leave her daughter's bedside.

Nurses feared the woman would try to remove the girl from the hospital, where she had spent two months receiving life-saving care.

Prosecutor Samantha Cohen told Wood Green Crown Court in North London that Luke made the woman release her daughter's arm, but returned moments later and grabbed her hair.

She said: 'He then punched her in the back of her head and on her back. He then kicked her arm a number of times. She was bleeding heavily from her face. She offered no resistance.'

The woman was handcuffed by two other officers and escorted from the hospital.

Security staff told police they were appalled by Luke's behaviour, Miss Cohen said.

Two of his colleagues reported Luke to a supervising officer and he was arrested later that evening.

Susannah Stevens, for Luke, said he behaved 'calmly and politely' and accused the woman of 'completely exaggerating' the force used.

The woman had behaved aggressively towards staff twice before and had grabbed Luke's groin during the melee, she said.

Luke, a Met officer for six years, denies causing bodily harm.

The trial, which is expected to last up to three weeks, continues.

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He'll get off lightly because of his colour. His refusal to make any admissions even when there is huge evidence against him is common among blacks

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