Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Family sues US casino after security guards use 'excessive force' and wrestle father to the floor in row over room key which left 17-year-old daughter with broken nose

A US family is suing a New Jersey casino after they claim they were roughed up by security guards during an argument over a hotel room key card.

The Binns family, from Florida, is accusing Harrah’s Resort security officers of using excessive force to subdue them in a violent altercation that was recorded by hotel CCTV.

The video shows security officers putting John Binns, a professional poker player, in a headlock and wrestling him to the floor after a heated argument at the front desk of the Atlantic City hotel.

Moments later, security officers tackle Binns’ wife, Renee, and 17-year-old daughter, Andrea, who appears to shove one of the guards as her mother is subdued.

The video shows the mother and daughter, who suffered a broken nose, being dragged to the floor.

The family alleges they were left battered and bruised in an incident that the mayor of Atlantic City said has left him shocked and dismayed.

Mayor Don Guardian told ABC News he worries the incident – and two other pending lawsuits – could scare tourists away. He said: ‘This is a city that needs to be hospitable. That type of activity can’t occur. When that occurs, we’re in the wrong business.’

Two other guests – Robert Coney and Sean Oaks – are also taking legal action with accusations that Harrah’s security officers used excessive force in separate incidents.

CCTV shows Coney being shoved and clubbed in the face with a baton, leaving him bloodied on the floor.

A separate video shows a handcuffed Oaks, who suffered a facial wound, being led into an elevator.

Paul D’Amato, a lawyer representing the Binns, Coney and Oaks, told ABC News the incidents were unprovoked.

He said: ‘No sane person can explain the conduct that we see in those videos.’

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