Saturday, August 23, 2014

Elderly pastor suffered heart attack and stroke after British Keystone Kops stormed her home in a 'botched' drugs raid

An elderly female pastor suffered a heart attack after police in riot gear stormed her home in a 'botched' early-morning drug raid.

Relatives of Hyacinth Brown, 79, have complained to the Independent Police Complaints Commission saying the operation was a blunder by Scotland Yard who left empty-handed.

They are furious that Mrs Brown has not yet received an apology after her house in Hackney, North East London, was turned 'upside-down'.

Met Police executed a warrant and forced their way into her home in Hackney, east London at 8am last Friday.

Ms Brown, who leads a congregation, immediately began feeling unwell and paramedics were called. She was rushed to hospital and treated for a minor heart attack and stroke.

Family say officers also handcuffed Mrs Brown's daughter, Jacqueline, a minister for a congregation in Kensington, who was staying overnight to keep her mother company.

She said her mother was 'terrified' and added: 'The police said surveillance once saw the house selling drugs but they had got the wrong house.'

Police in full riot gear had a search warrant and said they were acting on 'intelligence' of drug activity. But whether or not it was the right address is now the subject of an investigation.

Her daughter Jacqueline said: 'I came running down the stairs as I thought someone was breaking in.

'My mother was terrified. They said surveillance once saw the house selling drugs but they had got the wrong house.'

Another of Mrs Brown's daughters, Sandra, 40, claims one officer stormed into her mother's bedroom in the house and police continued kicking down doors despite their protests that they had the wrong property.

She said: 'It was very upsetting. What is even more disgusting is police have not apologised or had any contact with us.

'It wasn't handled with any diligence. They burst into her bedroom and down the flights of stairs. They turned the house upside down, all the doors were taken or kicked off without any second thought. She was overcome with worry.

'After they realised she was an elderly woman they still continued with their raid. It was like something out of a movie. The whole thing was disgusting. 'We think she must have started to have the heart attack when they burst into her room, as she couldn't speak at first.

'My mum was telling them it wasn't the right house and they still carried on busting through doors and turning things inside out. She's really unhappy about the whole situation, really tearful and emotional. She doesn't deserve what happened to her.'

Neighbour Roy Smith described Hyacinth as being a 'pillar of the local community.' He said: 'She's a church lady, the family are not involved in anything like that.'

Police confirmed officers had obtained a warrant for the raid, but admitted no drugs were found or arrests made.

A spokesman for Met Police said: 'We are aware an official complaint is being lodged. Under these circumstances it would be inappropriate for us to comment at this time.'

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