Saturday, June 21, 2014

Strange Google policy

Google is the host of this blog. They recently notified me that they regarded one of my blog posts from 2006 as unacceptable. It was the post of August 12, 2006. Google cancelled access to it. The post was an account of the trial and conviction for sex offences of a Mr Prashant Modi. I have now replaced the post with a brief comment, linking to another account of the trial.

What amazes me is that Google seems to be in the business of protecting sex offenders. The trial took place in Britain, which is part of the EU and the EU have recenrtly mandated that search engines must delete links to stories about people which are discreditable to them. That judgment concerned search engines only, however, not hosting services. So I think the action that took place against this blog is the doing of Google only.

This is not the first time to my knowledge that Google have protected crooks. You can read of another such instance here. I think it is quite clear that they are being evil in these matters.

But how evil? They could be evil enough to cancel or block access to this blog. They did that to my orginal "Wicked Thoughts" blog -- now hosted on Wordpress. And despite repeated enquiries from me they have never said why they cancelled that blog. I would very much like to know why as I am unaware of doing anything wrong.

So it is a lively possibility the Google may block access to this blog or block access for any new postings. In that case be prepared. I have a mirror site for this blog already up and running and will start doing my posts there if Google blocks me. The mirror site is here. Make a note of it!

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