Sunday, June 22, 2014


Arrested for 'being stupid': What police officer told a man after slamming him against a wall and cuffing him... because he took his parking ticket TOO FAST

Black cop; white arrestee

In Chicago, being disrespectful is now apparently against the law.

A video has surfaced online showing a resident of the Second City being arrested during a routine traffic stop after snatching a parking ticket from the hands of an officer.

When the unnamed arrestee demanded to know why he was being handcuffed, the responding officer offered a terse reply: ' for being stupid.'

The cell phone footage shot by the suspect's friend was first shared on Facebook Monday. It has seen drawn 341 'likes' and nearly 800 shares.

It was later uploaded by the user TemperVale onto the video-sharing site LiveLeak, where it has been played more than 20,000 times., and counting,.

According to the post that accompanied the video, the incident involved officers from Chicago Police Department's District 4 covering the southern portion of the city.

The three men in the video were riding in a car together when the driver allegedly parked on a sidewalk and tried to leave, but was stopped by police.

The clip clocking in at 2 minutes and 41 seconds shows a hulking police officer in a bulletproof vest approach the motorist holding a parking citation.

The cop goes to hand the ticket to the man, who is visibly upset and abruptly snatches the piece of paper from the officer's hands.

The suspect's brusque gesture enrages the officer, who yanks the motorist by the neck and then slams him against a nearby wall face first.

As he is being fitted with a pair of handcuffs, the driver demands to know why he is being placed under arrest, to which the officer responds: 'for being stupid.'

The man continues to protest, lamenting: 'I got my ID. Now I'm under arrest.’

The officer appears unimpressed by the suspect’s arguments, and with the words, ‘You like to go to jail tonight? That's fine with me,’ he leads him to the patrol car and places the restrained man in the backseat.

The arrestee’s friend recording the incident makes a last-ditch attempt to reason with police by pointing out that there are more serious crimes being committed in the rough South Chicago neighbors than a parking violation.

‘There's people shooting outside,’ the man says off camera. ‘I had a gun pointed at me the other day and you're going to arrest him?’

But the responding officers appear unmoved by these arguments.

On Facebook, most commenters have sided with the arrested man, calling out the unidentified officer for being a 'bully.'

Leroy Dabbinzz wrote: 'What law did he break? When the cop handed him the ticket he took it too fast? That's a crime? A crime worthy of assault and imprisonment? I think not. If the guy deserved a citation then write it up give it to him and be on your way.’

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