Sunday, November 20, 2011

MS: Massive brutality by jail officers

Charles Johnson (above) has just been acquitted of the offenses for which he was jailed

Facing allegations of inmate beatings at the Raymond Detention Center, Hinds County Sheriff Malcolm McMillin has fired 9 more detention officers.

The investigation into excessive force used on a handcuffed and shackled inmates remains on-going. This comes on the heels of the alleged jail-house beating of inmate Charles Johnson.

The photos were allegedly taken inside a Jackson hospital by 4 of the 9 jailers who were fired. They show Charles Johnson, 32, severely beaten. A cigarette was placed in his mouth allegedly by the guards who took the photo's. Johnson was jailed February 16 for murder and the armed carjacking of a Fed Ex truck driver.

Sheriff McMillin says his investigation is not over. "With the publicity given these two cases that there will be additional complaints and as they come in they will be verified as to the truthfulness of those reports." Sheriff Malcolm McMillin launched an internal investigation with the new round of firings. "If we have a violation of orders, if we have use of inappropriate force, we are going to take the appropriate action as a result of that."

17 jailers at the Raymond Detention Center were initially fired from their jobs. The sheriff says only one has been reinstated. Sheriff McMillin had previously fired 8 guards after a separate incident of alleged brutality at the jail. Both cases of allegedly brutality have been turned over to the FBI for a possible criminal investigation.

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