Saturday, November 05, 2011

British lesbian cop harasses straight woman

A woman police officer bombarded her female university law tutor with emails, phone calls and gifts after becoming besotted with her, a court heard yesterday. Melanie Ernest, 39, developed a crush on lecturer Ceri Hughes, 36, when she took a career break from her job to study law.

The police sergeant bought her tutor a DVD for Christmas and sent her flowers on Valentine's Day with an explicit card, before repeatedly calling her home and mobile phone.

When Miss Hughes, who has a boyfriend, made it clear she was not interested, Ernest, who has since left her job with South Wales police, refused to take no for an answer.

Police were forced to install a panic alarm in Miss Hughes' home in Thornhill, Cardiff after Ernest told a student counsellor that she 'might as well' kill herself and Miss Hughes. She was ordered to stay away from the tutor but continued her infatuation.

Caerphilly Magistrates' Court heard the harassment began in September 2007 when Ernest enrolled at Cardiff Law School. She made it clear she was attracted to the tutor.

Jessica Element, prosecuting, said: 'Five months after starting her studies Miss Ernest was dropping into the tutor's office so frequently Miss Hughes put up a sign reading: “Do Not Disturb”.'

Ernest told police the pair had sex in Miss Hughes' office and were enjoying a lesbian affair. She claimed: 'She locked the door behind us, we were there for between 40 and 45 minutes.'

Yesterday District Judge Andrew Shaw dismissed Ernest's claims as lies and convicted her of harassment.

He told her she was 'manipulative and dishonest' and 'there was no sexual relationship'. Miss Hughes said: 'I was deeply upset, angry and frightened. I had to move house, change my car and phone numbers.'

The tutor added she was 'absolutely horrified' by the Valentine's Day card.

Ernest was expelled from the university in April 2009. She was yesterday sentenced to a two-year prohibitive activity order, which bans her from any contact with Miss Hughes, and ordered to pay £800 costs.

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Anonymous said...

The student is the victim here

The Law Lecturer was in a position of trust and responsibility and should not have enticed her.

Shame on Cardiff University.