Thursday, August 11, 2011

Freed Australian man sues for malicious prosecution

A YOUNG man who was held in jail for 14 months over the murder of his former girlfriend, before a judge threw the case out due to lack of evidence, is suing the state for malicious prosecution.

Richard Broeder said he suffered from severe depression, alcoholism and gambling addiction since being jailed over the 2006 murder of Amanda O'Dell at the age of 21.

The decomposing remains of Ms O'Dell, 20, were found in the Tamban State Forest, north of Kempsey.

Mr Broeder's statement of claim to the NSW District Court asserted that Kempsey detectives, and prosecutors from the Department of Public Prosecutions, had little evidence about where Ms O'Dell died and what motive Mr Broeder had for killing her. Police were motivated by "ill will or spite", Mr Broeder's statement said.

Mr Broeder said the entire saga had left him humiliated and with permanent damage to his reputation.

Lawyers representing the state of NSW declined to provide the Herald with any of their submissions yesterday.

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