Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Does technological innovation invalidate your 4th Amendment rights?

We told you on Tuesday about two successes we had at the Supreme Court. One was the case of Antoine Jones.

Our coalition submitted the ONLY brief asking the Court to hear Jones's case. DC Downsizers helped give Jones his chance before the Supremes. But now we need to make sure Jones wins...

...because YOUR liberty is at stake too.

Court decisions are tending in a bad direction. Judges are claiming that technology makes your 4th Amendment rights virtually obsolete.

But can the fact that the police have fancier surveillance toys really be a valid excuse for abolishing an inalienable right?

Put yourself in Jones' shoes. Do you want to live under a State that can secretly attach a GPS to your car (after their warrant has expired), track your every move, wishing, even hoping, that they'll find you did something wrong at some point?

Could you be targeted this way? ...might law enforcement STALK a friend or family member with their gadgets?

This is what's at stake in the Jones case. Please, we need your help to restore YOUR Fourth Amendment.

35 DC Downsizers have responded. We need only 25 more to get the job done.

And it would make a huge difference if at least one of those donations was $500 or more.

Don't let the Statists use technological advances as an excuse to erect a Big Brother universal surveillance state. You can contribute here.

* Every donor to this brief, who includes their email address in the contribution, will receive a pdf of the brief we submit to Supreme Court.

* And every donor of $200 or more will get the same printed and bound version we send to the Supreme Court.

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