Sunday, June 05, 2011

NY: Cops, firefighters arrested in gambling bust

Several retired and active police officers and firefighters have been arrested in a federal raid on a New York City gambling ring, NBC New York has learned.

Two officials familiar with the case say an NYPD detective and a retired police officer, along with three firefighters, one who is retired, face federal charges after an early morning FBI raid on Thursday.

Some of the first responders helped provide security and muscle for the gambling operation, the officials told NBC New York.

Two of the firefighters arrested are a father and son.

The suspects were snagged in a bust that arrested a total of 15 people allegedly involved in the gambling ring; they are expected to appear later in Brooklyn federal court.

An FBI spokesman referred calls to the U.S. attorney, whose spokesman declined comment.

The NYPD and FDNY also had no immediate comment.

Original report here

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