Wednesday, June 01, 2011

No Dancing at TJ Memorial

This was obviously a provocation of sorts but all the more reason for police restraint. Police goonery just escalated an issue that would have quietly gone away if they had ignored it

The past weekend several folks, including RT’s Adam Kokesh, were arrested for dancing in the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Yes, you read that correctly – people were arrested for dancing, on public property, in a peaceful manner without harming anyone else. Yet, this isn’t the first time people have been arrested at the memorial. A few years ago my former partner with Motorhome Diaries, Jason Talley, and Pete Eyre, contributor here at, conducted the same activism. Resulting in one arrest and the recent ruling backing that officers decision to arrest a woman for dancing, three years ago.

When asked, “What law would we be breaking?” One officer answered, “you’ll find out.” When the dancing finally started the officers swarmed those bobbing their heads or shaking their hips with force, further highlighting who the aggressors were. I can’t help but wonder what is going through an officers mind when they tackle, choke and drag away someone for dancing? Do they really believe they’ve kept people safe? Is dancing worthy of such force? Would you pay police, voluntary, to arrest people for such an act? Do you like that your money is being wasted on this police state?

Please, watch the video, call the police station and become involved. Make no mistakes, this a police state, one that won’t end until we stop paying for it.

Original report here. Video at link

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