Sunday, April 24, 2011

Coverup over lazy British cops

Police have been accused of a cover-up over two officers who allegedly drove off from a brutal assault saying: ‘It isn’t our shout.’

Insurance broker Peter Cox, 34, was left blind in one eye after he was knocked unconscious by a gang of youths. His jaw and nose were also broken as the thugs stamped on his head. But as paramedics were treating Mr Cox in New Romney, Kent, two police officers allegedly pulled up but then swiftly drove off.

It was five hours before the next police officer arrived at the scene in August 2009. Later, five men were arrested but released because of a lack of evidence.

Despite two investigations spanning almost 18 months, Kent Police say they have not been able to identify the officers who drove off.

Yet Mr Cox, who was walking home with cricket team-mates when attacked, claims the force has admitted only three patrol cars were in the area that night. ‘The police have tried to cover their tracks,’ he said. ‘First they tried to claim the officers were from a different force and then they claimed there were no electronic trackers in the cars.’

Kent Police said: ‘Numerous inquiries were conducted force-wide to identify the officers involved. Despite all the efforts, they have not been identified. ‘This was an isolated incident from which lessons have been learned.’

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