Friday, April 15, 2011

Australia: Racing identity assaulted by NSW police, court finds

A racing identity was the victim of a brutal police assault, but he was the one to face charges and perjured police evidence, a Sydney magistrate has been told.

Tom Hughes Junior, barrister for Benedetto Forbello, was applying for his client's legal costs after a magistrate found him not guilty of four charges today.

Mr Forbello, 41, had been charged with offensive language, resisting arrest, hindering police in the execution of their duties and assaulting police following an incident outside the Royal Oaks Hotel at Double Bay in April last year.

In the Downing Centre Local Court, Mr Hughes said CCTV footage revealed Mr Forbello had been "jumped upon" by seven or eight police officers while his hands were cuffed behind his back.

He described photographs of the consequence of "that brutal assault" as "sickening" and said the attack included a policewoman "gratuitously and disgracefully" kneeing Mr Forbello in the groin.

He also said there were "21 identifying incidents of perjury" committed by one of the officers, who denied he had supplied his statement to other officers.

Magistrate Geoffrey Bradd will hand down his decision on the cost application next month.

SOURCE. (Via Australian police news)

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