Sunday, February 27, 2011

Heicklen: AG Holder should fire two US attorneys for perjury

After being arrested and compelled to appear in court, and after finally hearing the details of the jury-tampering charges against him, libertarian activist and jury rights advocate Julian Heicklen asked US Attorney General Eric holder to file perjury charges against two US attorneys.

Heicklen's home invasion by up to nine law enforcement agents, arrest, and transportation to the US District Court in Manhattan on February 18 was reported in an article by the Libertarian News Examiner.

Heicklen later wrote to his Tyranny Fighters support group about his experience.

Appearing before Magistrate Judge Ellis, Heicklen reports that Assistant US Attorney Rebecca Mermelstein informed the court that "I had influenced another juror on a case in which I was a juror, and influenced jurors in other cases."

Heicklen then informed the judge that Mermelstein had committed perjury twice. "I was not a juror on any case in this court," Heicklen stated, "and could not have been a juror, because I do not reside in the jurisdiction of the Second Circuit, which includes New York City."

Since Heicklen lives in New Jersey he pointed out, "I am not even on the potential juror list" and further stated that he had never served on a jury.

Heicklen then asked the judge to charge Mermelstein with perjury, which he refused to do.

In addition to Mermelstein, Heicklen accused US Attorney Preet Bharara of perjury in his letter to AG Holder.

Heicklen enclosed a copy of the indictment against him signed by Bharara in which Bharara, referring to Heicklen, wrote, "before a jury of which he was a member."

"Of course, the US Attorney committed perjury," Heicklen responded, and again pointed out, "I could not possibly have been a juror in the US District Court for the Southern District of NY, because I do not live in its jurisdiction. My name cannot even be on the eligible juror list."

Heicklen is asking that both attorneys have their employment with the US government terminated, be criminally indicted for perjury, and that they be barred from ever again practicing law.

Heicklen is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday in Newark NJ and Friday in Manhattan.

Fearing that the court will get someone to lie about him influencing jurors, Heicklen is asking as many people as possible to attend his hearings and witness the proceedings.

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