Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ga. deputy found guilty in pimp's death

Ex-officer faces sentencing Feb. 28 for 2006 shooting

A jury convicted a former Fulton County deputy sheriff of manslaughter on Wednesday for the shooting death of a pimp in a confrontation nearly five years ago.

Richard M. Jackson, 44, was found guilty of fatally shooting Alan Griffin, 22, after he was confronted by an armed Griffin. The other man sought out Jackson after he was told by one of his prostitutes that Jackson had refused to pay, tried to rape her and shot at her when she fled.

The July 15, 2006, killing took place off Cleveland Avenue near East Point at apartments known to facilitate the sale of drugs and sex. Jackson resigned from the sheriff's office in 2008 after he was indicted for murder that year.

Evidence presented at trial indicated that Jackson fired his .40-caliber Glock three times, once at the prostitute, and Griffin discharged his 9 mm pistol once. Jackson claimed self-defense. The jury deliberated for 16 hours over three days. It was the second trial in the Jackson case, with a jury in November unable to decide whether to convict or acquit.

Superior Court Judge Kimberly Esmond Adams set Jackson's sentencing on Feb. 28 for manslaughter, aggravated assault and violation of oath of office convictions.

Jackson faces from one to 20 years for the manslaughter conviction. Adams revoked his bond and ordered him taken into custody after the verdict.

Jackson denied shooting at the prostitute, who was 17 and uninjured, and said he had stopped by the apartment complex to counsel a former jail inmate against selling drugs. He claimed the prostitute left to fetch her pimp for payback after she had propositioned Jackson and he insulted her. Prosecutor Sheila Ross, however, contended Jackson ambushed Griffin after he attacked the prostitute.

Atlanta Police found Jackson in hiding and his gun on the ground, and arrested him.

Jackson acknowledged he never called 911 on his cell phone, an action taken by several residents and a prostitute. In hiding, Jackson said he didn't call out to officers who searched for him because he didn't want to risk getting shot by mistake and was confident the officers would find him.

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