Saturday, April 10, 2010

We’re from the government; we’re here to “help” you -- to death

Susan L. Stuckey was suicidal when the police arrived at her apartment in Prairie Village, Kansas on March 31. When the police arrived to conduct what they dishonestly called a "welfare check," Stuckey refused their offer to "help."

Police had paid several previous visits to Stuckey, who reportedly suffered from severe emotional problems. On this particular occasion, when they materialized shortly after daybreak, they were acting on ulterior motives. "Our intent was to take her to K.U. Med for a mental evaluation," admitted Police Captain Tim Schwartzkopf following the confrontation.

Any day that begins with the arrival of armed strangers on one's doorstep is going to end badly. Despite her afflictions, Stuckey was lucid enough to understand that principle, and she did the entirely rational thing: She bluntly invited the police to direct their unwanted attention elsewhere. Since she wasn't suspected of a crime, that should have ended the matter.

But the police weren't investigating a crime. They were carrying out a much more dangerous function: They were there to "help" Stuckey, whether or not this would be appropriate, and her desires were irrelevant to the matter.

So when Stuckey rebuffed their offer, the police decided to "help" her a little bit harder by calling in a posse of uniformed knuckle-draggers called the Tactical Squad. Oddly enough, the arrival of yet another contingent of armed strangers -- this one decked out in military garb and carrying high-caliber firearms -- did nothing to ease Stuckey's troubled mind. She had already refused to grant police access to her apartment, and the arrival of the local goon squad prompted her to throw up additional barricades.

For more than two hours, the police tried to browbeat Stuckey into surrendering to them. According to neighbors who witnessed the event, the troubled 47-year-old woman -- whose mental distress was genuine -- was made frantic by this persistent, unwelcome attention.

Sometime around 9:45 a.m., Stuckey was heard to exclaim to the police, "Somebody please kill me." So they did.

After the fact, the police insisted that the woman -- who was surrounded, recall, by more than a dozen armed males, most of them wearing body armor and packing military-issue weaponry -- "threatened" them with a weapon of some kind.

Neighbor Gary Carson recalls seeing Stuckey armed with a broomstick and a baseball bat. After killing Stuckey, the police insisted that the fearsome implement of death wielded by Stuckey was something other than a Louisville Slugger. Thus it is quite possible that when Stuckey was shot three times by a heroic 15-year veteran police officer, she was armed with nothing more lethal than a thin wooden dowel.

Yet it was for this reason, insisted a local "reporter" embedded with the paramilitary team that attacked Stuckey's home, that the police "were forced to shoot her."

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