Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Australia: No jail for putting glass in husband's sandwiches?

The judge was either conned or a fool

A WOMAN who put crushed glass in her estranged husband's sandwiches avoided jail when she was sentenced today. Lynette Margaret Quessy, 50, of Sandy Bay in Tasmania, was handed a nine-month prison term, suspended for trhee years, today after admitting she put glass in her husband's lunches, The Mercury reported. She was charged with administering a poison and attempting to administer a poison.

The Supreme Court in Hobart was told Quessy and her husband Tim Nash were separated but still living together in october and November last year. Quessy smashed up a fluorescent light with a meat cleaver and put the glass in Mr Nash's lunch five or six times, the court was told. Mr Nash became suspicious the second time he discovered glass fragments and he started keeping his sandwiches in a freezer. He later found a container of crushed glass in the pantry and went to police.

Justice Shan Tennent said it was clear from Quessy's police interview that her thought processes were "disorganised". Quessy told police she wanted to hurt Mr Nash as he had hurt her. The court was told Quessy was concerned about her husband's drinking and believed if she made him sick he would get help for his other problems.

"Those thought processes are, to say the least, bizarre," Justice Tennent said. Justice Tennent suspended the jail term for three years.

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