Monday, October 27, 2008

Another trigger-happy cop

CCTV footage of a policeman shooting a dog is being used in a lawsuit by a woman claiming her pet was killed without provocation.

Oklahoma resident Tammy Christopher has filed a $US25,000 ($40,000) claim against the local county, the state and deputy Sean Knight for the wrongful shooting of her dog, The Express-Star reports.

Deputy Knight got out of his car at Ms Christopher’s property to ask directions and her dog Bruiser came running at him. The officer drew his weapon and shot the dog in the head, the video dated August 25 shows. A letter from Ms Christopher's lawyer to Grady County last week said the deputy “grossly over reacted and did not attempt to get back in his car or utilise any less than lethal methods.”

It also said that statements provided to the lawyer “contain several glaring discrepancies compared to the security video of the shooting. It is clear the Grady County Sheriff’s office is attempting to justify the shooting of the dog.”

The lawsuit was not about money but was about holding the police to account, Ms Christopher told the KFOR television station. "I feel like Bruiser has to have a voice," she said. Ms Christopher said she had been told the deputy believed he was in danger and acted in self defence. "(The deputy) could have easily gotten into his car if he was in fear of his life as he said," she said.

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Anonymous said...

Having been attacked by a dog as a child, I can recognize an aggressive attack when I see one...and this did not fall in that category. When Bruiser ran towards the officer, he crouched low to the ground, a sign of submission.

If the officer felt so threatened by the dog, a taser would've been sufficient to subdue it until the owner could come out to calm it. Most importantly, the effect wouldn't have been permanent.