Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is the hormonal hippopotamus a Brit?

After the completely unwarranted and unsupported attack on me by the pseudonymous Hazel Stone over at the allegedly libertarian blog The line is here I replied with some spirit and was then accused by her collaborator (partner?) of attacking a "girl". I replied that she sounded to me much more like a middle-aged hormonal hippopotamus than a "girl". That sally seemed to lead to a deafening silence.

I have however had an occasional look at the blog since then and I note something interesting about the hippo. She says:
"Despite the media-fueled whinging going on about rising food prices, the national situation is nothing near where it was during WWII, when canned food was rationed and Victory Gardens first became popular ..."

Notice something interesting there? "Whinging" is a British word that few Americans understand. And her description of WWII is more applicable to Britain than America. She sounds in fact as if she lived through what she describes.

So I suspect that she is in fact an aged British hippopotamus. Certainly no girl. Senility would explain her attack on me.

(And don't forget your ration of Wicked Thoughts for today)

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