Monday, September 01, 2008

Hard to stop Fascistic cops

Five fascists in Tennessee were caught on tape openly torturing a guy to sign a "consent" form to let them search his home without a warrant. They wanted to catch him selling drugs, but didn't want to bother with all that constitutional stuff of getting a warrant. Luckily, before leaving the home so the fascists could "interrogate" the guy, his wife left an audio recorder running. As a result, five fascists are now doing time.

Okay, so what can we learn from this? Well, for starters, the police are not our friends. (Some of us already knew that.) And they couldn't care less about the constitution, individual rights, or any of that stuff. They are, in every sense of the term, fascists. They believe that it's just fine to physically torture someone into signing a form saying the guy "consents" to having his home searched. By the way, consider how weird this is: the guy was tortured because we have a Constitution. They really wanted his "consent" so they could get around the Fourth Amendment. If not for that amendment, they wouldn't have needed to torture him to get his "consent." How ironic.

The story ought to infuriate anyone with a shred of humanity. How many cops do this who aren't caught on tape? Plenty. How do I know that? Well, how many people get struck by lightning? Several hundred every year. And how many get caught on tape? I've never seen one, though they may be out there. Cameras aren't always running in all places, so if something does get caught on tape, especially more than once, it's a safe bet that it happens a lot when tape isn't rolling. To think that police abuse is rare, and that by blind luck the bad apples happen to get caught on tape, is naive, in addition to being statistically clueless. If it happens once on tape, it most likely happened a hundred times not on tape. (Thankfully, the advent of handheld cameras is starting to prove that, by giving us a seemingly endless supply of evidence of police abuse and brutality.)

So, are you infuriated enough? Well, try this. The sentences of the five fascists caught torturing, and threatening to kill someone, in order to coerce him into surrendering his constitutional rights, ranged from just over four years to six years. What do you think you would get if you tortured a cop? You'd get dead. That's what you'd get. I know people who got longer sentences than those fascists for not sending a piece of paper to the IRS. Still think "justice" is what your government is all about?

This ought to be a rude awakening for the American people-though it probably won't be. Why not? Well, that's where the second rude awakening comes in. The story described above happened YEARS ago, and the mainstream media didn't think it was worth telling you about. (I only just heard about it myself.) Heck, it's even on Wikipedia, as you can see here:

So we live in a fascist police state which will never do more than give a slap on the wrist to anyone in their club of Nazis, even when they get caught TORTURING and threatening to MURDER someone, while the mainstream media intentionally covers it up. But don't point that out, or you'll be labeled a paranoid fringe kook-like all those silly people who said bad things about the Nazi party when it was taking over Germany.

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