Saturday, June 11, 2016

Married British cop 'raped a woman on a mountainside then asked her to join in a threesome with a fellow officer'

A married police constable who raped a woman on a mountainside later asked her to join in a threesome with another fellow officer, a court heard today.

Jeffrey Davies, 45, of Aberdare, South Wales, is accused of forcing two women into having sex with him while working as a family liaison officer.

He raped one victim after her two sons were arrested - and weeks later asked her to join in a ‘threesome’, Newport Crown Court was told.

Davies, a former officer with South Wales Police, allegedly first targeted the ‘vulnerable woman’ in her 40s while she was in an abusive relationship with her partner.

The court heard he raped her on his car bonnet on the side of a Welsh mountain, and weeks later saw her in her home town when he asked her for the threesome with another policeman.

On one occasion, he is alleged to have told her he had discussed having a threesome with her and a colleague from his police force.

The woman, who cannot be named, said: ‘He was saying about another police officer from another station. He said the officer liked me and wanted to have a threesome with me. ‘But he said he’d told him to keep away because I was all his. I was just shocked. Those words have just stuck with me.’

Matthew Stanbury, defending Davies, suggested the comment had been made ‘playfully and not threateningly’ towards her.

The woman previously told the jury when she asked Davies to stop midway through the sex attack on the Bwlch Mountain near Rhondda, he said: ‘I’ll make you feel better.’

She said on another occasion she passed Davies while he sat in his car, while his police colleagues conducted inquiries yards further down the road.

But she eventually reported Davies to police in 2013, when he appeared in the news after being accused and eventually convicted of sexually assaulting other women. Davies is also accused of raping another woman after smoking cannabis with her brother.

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