Friday, March 04, 2016

Steven Avery supporters claim Teresa Halbach’s death certificate is ‘deeply flawed’

STEVEN Avery supporters claim they have found compelling new evidence that could help the Making A Murderer subject obtain a retrial.

Campaigners said glaring anomalies in the death certificate of Teresa Halbach suggest Avery and his nephew Bobby Dassey should not have been convicted for her 2005 murder.

Among the aberrations is Halbach’s “immediate cause” of death which was filled in with the word “undetermined”, but then crossed out.

It also indicated that an autopsy had been completed, although Halbach’s body was never found, and was signed off on December 6, 2005, the same day Avery’s preliminary trial began.

Moreover, Halbach’s remains were found in two locations over an 11-day period after she disappeared on October 31, 2005, but the death certificate records her date of death as November 10.

To internet sleuths, this suggests not all the evidence, including autopsy results, could have been collected before the official date of death.

Campaigner Shaun Attwood says the discrepancies suggest investigators filled in the death certificate without having enough evidence and rushed to charge Avery and Dassey.

“As usual, looking at the death certificate, nothing adds up in this case,” he said, according to The Mirror.

“There’s no murder weapon, no credible DNA, no other suspects were investigated, there’s no blood splatter or bodily fluids from an alleged rape, throat slashing and murder in Avery’s trailer.

“And let’s look at the bone damage, what was left over is beyond anything a bonfire could have caused, it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that the official in charge of the death certificate was unable to fill in the form correctly or for that matter truthfully.

“The fact that the cause of death alone has a line through it is a major red flag. Can anyone who’s scratched the surface of this case conclusively say exactly how, when and where Teresa died?

“I would argue not, especially since the waters were muddied by the moving and planting of evidence, such as the magical key and the tampering with Stephen Avery’s blood DNA from the first wrongful conviction. Yet one person claims to know every last detail, and is indeed writing a book about it: the prosecutor Ken Kratz.”

Avery and Dassey are behind bars after being found guilty of the stabbing, shooting and cremation of 25-year-old Halbach on Avery’s property in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin on Halloween, 2005.

Their conviction has been documented in Netflix series Making A Murderer, which raised questions about how Manitowoc County officials handled the case.

While Avery has maintained his innocence, but officials have defended their investigation and handling of the case.

Making A Murderer filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos have confirmed a second season of the Netflix doco, which will unearth more gritty details and delve further into the cases against Avery and Dassey.

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