Thursday, July 02, 2015

Scottish cops caught dozing in patrol car in their uniforms

Police have launched an investigation after two officers were caught sleeping in their patrol car while in full uniform. The picture, taken in the Maryhill area of Glasgow, appears to show one of the policemen with his head resting against the window dozing.

The other officer can be seen with his hands clasped in his lap and leaning back against his seat with his eyes closed.

The images were snapped by a passing labourer yesterday morning at 7am and he says he was able to walk right up to the car without and take the pictures without disturbing the two men.

The man, who did not want to be named, told the Daily Record: 'At first, I was quite shocked as they were parked up in a street, in their police car and their badges were visible through the windows.

'I walked up to the car and took three pictures of them sleeping soundly and they were sleeping so soundly they didn’t even stir.

'Police officers are usually fast enough to act when it suits them so I really don’t think they should be allowed to sleep whilst on duty.'

Police Scotland confirmed they are now investigating the matter after it they were given the pictures. Superintendent Andy Bates, Local Policing Commander for Greater Glasgow said: 'Police Scotland will robustly investigate the circumstances surrounding the information given to us. 'As this is now an internal investigation it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.'

It comes after a study earlier this year said that police should be allowed to nap while on duty – and given special 'sleep pods' where they can nod off. Work time 'sleep breaks' could help reduce fatigue and promote better concentration, according to researchers.

Although there is no 'official' ban on officers snoozing on duty, it is widely discouraged among the workforce.

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