Monday, June 08, 2015

White police officer suspended after cell phone footage showed him wrestling bikini-clad girl to ground and pulling gun on unarmed black teens who came to her aid

It would appear that the cop was extreme in what he did but when blacks are so often confrontational towards police, one must expect extreme caution from the get-go in the way cops treat blacks -- puting them on the ground straight away, for instance. It is a vicious circle initiated by black grievance

A police officer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area has been suspended after video footage emerged that shows him wrestle a bikini-clad girl to the ground and then point his gun at a group of unarmed teenagers.

The incident happened after McKinney Police Department received several calls on Friday night about a disturbance near the Craig Ranch North Community Pool.

Cell phone footage of the incident shows one officer arrive at the scene and start overreacting in a manner that does little to defuse the situation.

First the officer runs at a group of teenagers and then he performs a theatrical tumble. Next he can be seen pulling several teens to the ground and handcuffing them, despite the protests of several that they are there simply to attend a party.

According to the police report, the cops were called about a disturbance involving several juveniles at the pool who didn't have permission to be there and didn't live in the area.

The first officers to arrive at the pool encountered a large crowd of people who refused to obey orders to leave, reports KDFW.

Nine additional McKinney police units were sent to the pool and officers eventually got the situation under control, said the police.

The video footage appears to show a different story and at about the three-minute mark the out of control officer can be seen wrestling a young woman in a two-piece bathing suit to the ground.

The officer's behavior causes the situation to escalate as the girl's friends surround him and next he produces his gun.

One youth runs away and some of the other officers give chase, while the irrate officer now sits on the back of the young woman that he has been manhandling.

Later the other officers arrive back with the runaway, he is now bleeding from his mouth.

The cell phone footage, taken by one of the teens present, was uploaded to YouTube on Saturday.

'A fight between a mom and a girl broke out and when the cops showed up everyone ran, including the people who didn't do anything,' wrote Brandon Brooks.

'So the cops just started putting everyone on the ground and in handcuffs for no reason. This kind of force is uncalled for especially on children and innocent bystanders.'

Since being made aware of the footage, McKinney Police Department has placed the unnamed officer on administrative leave while an investigation is carried out. Officials also said the officer's conduct had 'raised concerns.'

It isn't known if any of the teenagers seen in the video were arrested or charged.

The incident appears to highlight an excessive use of force especially by police when dealing with African Americans.

Everyone in the video that the officer is abusive or physical toward is black, while the child filming the incident - who is white - is never asked to sit down and stop what he is doing.

McKinney is a city of about 140,000 people, located about 30 miles northeast of Dallas. It has a majority white population, while African Americans make up 10 percent of the population.

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