Thursday, March 19, 2015

British cop 'had sex with four women while on duty'

A police officer had sex with four women while on duty, including one liaison at a police station, a court heard yesterday.

PC Adam Rushton is accused of letting the woman handcuff him with police equipment in his office during foreplay and sent another woman photographs of himself naked from the waist down.

The Staffordshire Police officer also groomed a victim of sexual violence before returning to her home after his shift finished to have sex with her, jurors were told.

Prosecutor Duncan Bould said Rushton used his position to engineer relationships with seven vulnerable women - one as young as 17 - during a six-year spell from 2006.

A jury were told how the PC attended homes of people complaining of crimes, then left them his personal number.

Mr Bould said: ‘You can summarise his charges as: ‘I’m on duty, I’m going to rush (over to your home) so you can give me oral sex before I rush back to work’.

‘He picked one woman up while on duty and took her to Longton Police station in Stoke-on-Trent.

‘He picked her up in a marked car, in uniform, and she had to wait in the car while he checked the coast was clear.

‘Then he took her into the police station, it was in darkness, and he told her to keep quiet, and took her to an office.

‘The only purpose of that was for sexual activity. They began to go further, she put his handcuffs on him, and it was intended to go further but they were disturbed so had to leave.’

Another charge, the prosecutor said, related to a woman his visited at home who he persuaded ‘by a lie or ruse’ to show him her intimate areas.

Another woman, who had checked in to a hotel after she had been left terrified to stay at home following an incident of ‘sexual violence’, had sex with Rushton despite his sergeant earlier warning the officer to leave the hotel.

Mr Bould said: ‘She was put in a hotel just over night, so Mr Rushton knew he would have to act quickly.

‘He set about grooming her by flattering her and flirting with her to show his interest in a sexual way. He then turned up at her hotel at about 10.30pm that night.

‘A sergeant heard about it and attended the hotel and pointed out that Mr Rushton should leave because of the way his behaviour was reflecting on the force. ‘But Mr Rushton didn’t leave, he stayed and had sex with her.’

One of Rushton’s victims told the jury how he had sex with her while on duty, after he had attended a burglary at her home. A few weeks later, he was waiting for her outside her home.

The woman said: ‘My relationship with my partner had broken down completely so I was grateful Adam had come round. ‘On his third visit it was different, we didn’t discuss the burglary that time, it was more of a friendship by then. ‘He had been texting me and sometimes he would send me some images of parts of him privately, unclothed below the waist.’

Rushton was suspended after the allegations came to light in early 2013.

Rushton, of Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, denies ten counts of misconduct in a public office and two counts of obtaining the personal data of women without proper permission.

The trial at Birmingham Crown Court continues.

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