Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Detective in rape storm takes early retirement

Officer who told boy, 12, to 'do it with someone his own age' after sexual assault on girl of 5 has stepped down

A detective who told a 12-year-old boy to ‘do it with someone your own age next time’ after he confessed to raping a girl aged five has taken early retirement.

The Mail on Sunday revealed last month how the girl’s parents felt badly let down by Essex Police because the boy received only a youth caution.

An investigation by this newspaper discovered that Detective Constable Paul Alabaster and DC Tracy Bainbridge had recorded the boy admitting the offence but did not report him for the offence to social services. Instead, DC Alabaster issued the extraordinary piece of ‘advice’ to the youngster. The officers also neglected to collect fingerprints, photographs, DNA or other forensic evidence.

Both were disciplined but returned to their duties with Essex Police’s Child Abuse Investigation Team.

The MoS understands that DC Alabaster is in his early 50s and more than four years short of his 30-year term of service, after which officers can retire on full pensions.

Last night the girl’s father said: ‘We are relieved that Alabaster is no longer in a position where he can fail other child victims.’ But he said that police failings had not been addressed and the family had been denied justice.

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