Saturday, November 29, 2014

'Practised and persistent liar' policewoman faces jail for stealing CCTV footage of alleged Steven Gerrard street brawl so it could be used to blackmail him later

A 'practised and persistent' liar policewoman who stole CCTV footage allegedly showing former England captain Steven Gerrard fighting in the street so that it could later be used to blackmail him is facing jail.

Helen Jones obtained the footage taken in Formby, Merseyside, on August 4, after 'flashing her badge' at the manager of a bank which captured the scuffle on CCTV.

The 33-year-old, who tried to claim she was helping out a friend, was not working for Merseyside Police at the time after taking a sabbatical months earlier.

The footballer then received 'demands and threats' from a man claiming to have been assaulted by him and his friend and contacted police.

After refusing to tell the court who she gave the tape to, Jones admitted misconduct in public office at Preston Crown Court.

Previously lawyers acting on behalf of the footballer denied he had been fighting, claiming he was acting as a peacemaker between friends.

Jones was today released on bail but warned there is a 'high likelihood' she will face jail when sentenced in the new year.

Local businessman Paul Lloyd claimed Mr Gerrard 'threw the first punch' in the alleged scuffle in August.

He would not reveal whether he had received the footage from Jones, nor did she tell the judge who she gave the video to.

Her account that she pursued the footage for 'philanthropic' reasons was discounted by the judge as 'wholly implausible'.

'I regret to say that I found her to be a witness with no credibility,' said Judge Stuart Baker.

'I am satisfied so that I am sure that the defendant obtained the copy of the CCTV footage so as to enable someone else, whether it was to be Paul Lloyd or another person, to use it in any way that person chose to use it, possibly as a lever to cause Mr Gerrard to pay money to suppress it or, at the very least, to use it in a way which would potentially cause embarrassment as has in fact occurred.'

Mr Lloyd, who claimed the footballer and his friends had assaulted him, was described as an 'unimpressive witness who, like the defendant, chose not to tell me the whole truth.'

Jones will be sentenced on January 9.

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