Monday, July 28, 2014


NYPD cop stomps on the head of a restrained man as bystanders scream in horror

A New York City police officer has been assigned to desk duty following an incident of alleged police brutality.

Officer Joel Edouard handed in his gun and badge as part of his modified desk duty assignment, spokesman Sgt. Carlos Nieves told MailOnline.

Officers on modified desk duty are 'assigned to non-enforcement' responsibilities, Nieves said.

A cell phone video shared with local New York media allegedly shows Edouard, 36, violently stomping on the face of Jahmiel Cuffee in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

WPIX reported that Cuffee was stopped by police officers on Tuesday because he was allegedly carrying marijuana.

Gary Dormer, who filmed the video, told WPIX 'He abruptly stomped on top of the gentleman's head. He lifted his foot with excessive force and came down like he was stepping on an ant or roach or something at the time.'

Nieves told MailOnline that Cuffee has been arrested 'multiple times' for marijuana offenses.

Officers saw Cuffee selling marijuana in January 2008, Nieves said, and discovered he was carrying a gun. Cuffee resisted arrest and fought officers at the time, he said. Cuffee faces charges for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, WABC reported.

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