Saturday, April 19, 2014

Corrupt British cops stole cash and pens from fake 'crime scene' set up to catch them - but left the VIAGRA put out to tempt them

Two senior policemen face jail after they were caught stealing from a fake 'crime scene' in a sting operation set up by their own colleagues.

Detective Sergeant Stephen Phillips and Detective Constable Jason Evans were filmed on secret cameras taking cash and pens planted by their fellow officers.

A court heard today how Phillips, 45, was caught taking £250 when he was called to a house colleagues told him was 'under criminal investigation'.

Evans, 44, was also vidoed pocketing two pens while he carried out the investigation using a search warrant.

Both men however left other items put out by suspicious colleagues as part of the sting - including sex aid Viagra tablets.

The court heard the officers thought they were investigating a burglary but the scene was in fact set up as part of 'trust exercise' by police chiefs.

A team of officers including Evans and Phillips were sent to the house which was filled with 'evidence' including the Viagra, bags, mobile phones, watches and £21,647 of cash.

But they didn't realise the property had been fitted with hidden cameras and covert microphones - and a woman posing as a resident was an undercover detective.

The pair - who have been suspended by South Wales Police - admitting theft today and were warned they faced custody.

Judge Bodfan Jenkins told them: 'There can be few examples of a graver breach of trust. This is a gross breach of trust in relation to the force and what the public expect from the police.

The pair were sent to a fake 'crime scene' by their colleagues, who had planted secret cameras in the property

'It's not about the cost, it's about the breach of trust and at first blush it appears to me that this is a custody case.'

The officers, who are based in Neath, near Swansea, were part of a team investigating organised crime but ended up being investigated themselves by South Wales Police's corruption unit for theft and misconduct.

Cardiff Magistrates Court heard how the force decided to carry out an 'integrity test' on the pair.

They pretended they were asked by Greater Manchester Police to investigate a property allegedly linked to a series of burglaries.

Prosecutor David Roberts said: 'Phillips was filmed putting his hand inside a coat pocket and finding £240.

'He removes his hand and leaves the scene - but then returns 20 seconds later when he removes the cash and places it in his pocket.'

Phillips also took £10 from a bedside table. But he did not realise all the notes had been marked with invisible ink and the serial numbers recorded.

Evans was filmed going into the bedroom and taking two pens during the raid in March this year.

The pair then drove up the M5 to meet plain clothes officers from Greater Manchester Police at a service station.

While waiting for the meeting, Phillips spent £60 of money on a Monopoly-themed gambling machine.

As they drove back to South Wales they were pulled over by a marked police car and arrested by members of their force's Professional Standards department.

The court heard Phillips, of Skewen, Neath, claimed he was going to return the money to the woman who lived at the house.

Evans, of Cilfrew, Neath, admitted stealing the pens while he was interviewed under caution.

The pair have both pleaded guilty to theft and are on unconditional bail while reports are prepared ahead of their sentencing hearing.

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