Sunday, February 23, 2014

British cop jailed for campaign of 'sheer and deliberate' cruelty against child he subjected to physical and mental abuse

A police officer has been jailed after subjecting a child to a campaign of shocking abuse.

Christopher Hamilton from Gateshead was working as a PC when he began a sickening course of what a judge branded 'sheer and deliberate cruelty' against the youngster.

His victim suffered a series of disturbing injuries as well as significant emotional abuse while alone with the disgraced officer.

A court heard the child suffered burns to their hands, bruising to the face and hair loss.

And in a sickening twist, Hamilton left the victim in tears after making humiliating videos on his phone.

While he recorded the footage, he forced the youngster to say hurtful things about their family members and even recorded the youngster on the toilet.

Now Hamilton, who also abused his position to look up details of tenants on the police computer, has been jailed.

Judge Penny Moreland, at Newcastle Crown Court said the only motive she could think of for the abuse was that Hamilton derived pleasure from it.

The judge added: 'Police officers are entrusted by society with a duty to protect the public, particularly vulnerable members of the public. 'You were, at the time, a police officer and you abused your power and were cruel to that little child. 'This arose, in my view, from sheer cruelty, it was a course of protracted and calculated ill-treatment. You were deliberately cruel.'

The youngster suffered burns and blisters to the back of the hands while trying to wash with scalding water, the court heard.

It also suffered bruising to its genitals from a toilet seat and bruising to its face from a swing.

Hamilton accepted subjecting the child to cruel emotional abuse.

He videoed the child on at least four occasions, subjecting it to an interrogation and reducing it to tears and obvious distress.

The court heard Hamilton had been a PC since 2002 and worked at Gateshead and Whickham police stations. However he resigned in 2012 when the allegations came to light.

Hamilton pleaded guilty to cruelty to a person under 16 by willfully ill-treating them in a manner likely to cause suffering or injury.

He pleaded guilty to cruelty on the basis he did not cause the injuries but should have prevented them.

A charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm on the child was left to lie on file. He also admitted unlawfully obtaining personal data from the police computer, for which he was fined £500.

Mark Kelly, defending, said: 'His behaviour was wrong and totally inappropriate but he does not accept he caused the injuries.'

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