Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Voluntaryist Ademo guilty, sentenced for public photography

The Manchester, New Hampshire chapter of the American Police State got what it wanted this week, another nail in freedom's coffin, pounded in by a dozen jury members conned into believing that laws exist in society for the sole purpose of being enforced by cops even though they knew of their right to nullify.

Adam "Ademo" Mueller was convicted Monday and sentenced Wednesday to three months incarceration for the victimless "crime" of recording public officials performing their public duties in a public place, specifically police being police in a police station.

The run-up to this Orwellian farce was covered in NH Voluntaryist jailed, faces 21 years for 'wiretapping' and details are available at Huffington Post.

Ademo was charged with three counts of "wiretapping," a 120 year old law that has nothing whatever to do with photography.

Wiretapping goes back to 1890. Tapping a telephone line required a wire ending in two taps, typically a pair of alligator clips. Classically, wiretapping occurred when a person gained access to the basement of an apartment or office building where the telephone routing box was located, identified the wires leading to the target phone and attached a clip to each. The wiretapper could then connect his own receiver to the other end of the wire and listen in to conversations.

Police could do this only after they obtained a warrant from a judge based on strong probable cause.

Today the concept, meaning and purpose of wiretapping have been so redefined, perverted and manipulated that it bears no resemblance to its original intent.

Wiretapping was originally used to help the police catch criminals. Today it is widely used across America as a cynical ploy to prosecute responsible citizens trying to civilize their police departments by exposing their criminal behaviors.

Politically elected officials in towns and cities all across America have allowed, and even encouraged, their police departments to run roughshod over the very populations they once swore an oath to protect and serve.

Ademo is yet another victim of the law enforcement, prosecutorial and judicial establishments who will stop at nothing to hide their abuse, corruption, brutality and addiction to carte blanche power from public view.

fortunately, the judge is allowing Ademo to serve his sentence concurrently with his present incarceration for "chalking," an earlier episode of peaceful civil disobedience during another attempt to hold Manchester's Police State gang members accountable for their actions.

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