Friday, July 29, 2011

CA: Boy Shot By Off-Duty cop gets payout

A young boy shot by an off-duty San Diego police officer in March 2008 spoke to 10News about his ordeal. 10News talked to 12-year-old Johnny Silva on Wednesday, one day after the city of San Diego settled a lawsuit over the shooting for $500,000.

"I didn't actually believe I got shot," Johnny said. "I thought it was just a dream." Johnny described the incident that happened when he was 8 years old: "The cop cut my mom off and then we went to the parking lot and he pulled his gun out, shot and we tried to go in reverse and he just kept shooting. And at the end he finally said he was a cop when he could have said that in the beginning instead of shooting."

White claimed he fired his gun five times into Silva's windshield in self defense. He said Johnny's mother, Rachel Silva, turned her car toward him, revved the engine and hit the gas after she had sideswiped him on the road.

White was acquitted of all criminal charges, and authorities said Silva was drunk during the incident.

When asked what he would say to White, he said, "I don't know. I'd just ask him why did you shoot me?"

Johnny told 10News he would use the money for college and try to become a doctor. After legal expenses, Johnny will end up with a little more than $300,000. The money will go into a trust until his 18th birthday.

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