Friday, February 12, 2010

Seattle "security" guards obey official instructions and do nothing as girl is bashed

What the f*** are they good for?

SECURITY guards are under fire after they stood back and watched as a teenage girl was brutally bashed - with the entire incident caught on film. Even as the 15-year-old victim lay motionless on the floor after the savage assault, they did not check if she was okay.

The shocking footage has sparked outrage in America after the guards' bosses defended their inaction — saying they are trained to "observe and report", The Sun reports.

In the 1min 35sec video, which has been viewed by thousands on YouTube, the victim is repeatedly punched and kicked in the face. The attacker continued to pummel her victim's head with a flurry of powerful blows even after she loses consciousness at the bus station in Seattle. And just when the assault seems to be over, the vicious girl attacker runs back to rain down more kicks and punches, watched by the guards.

Another member of the gang can be seen running off with the victim's bag, containing a mobile phone and iPod.

Amazingly, the victim did not need hospital treatment.

A woman who witnessed the assault from a bus said: "You've got three male security guards and there's a young girl getting kicked in the head, lying on the ground, motionless? And they couldn't do anything? Doesn't seem like security."

The victim later told cops said she had sought out the guards for protection after an earlier altercation inside a department store with a gang of youths.

Sheriff's office spokesman Sgt John Urquhart said: "Transit tunnel security officers were on the platform and witnessed the assault. However they did not intercede as they are unarmed, civilian employees." He added the guards are trained not to get involved in violent confrontations or fights, but are instead told to call 911. And the guards' employer, Olympic Security, said its staff are under strict instructions not to get involved.

A spokesman for Metro Transit, the owner of the bus station, said the firm is reviewing its contract with Olympic in light of the footage. Seattle city officials have demanded an inquiry.

Police have used Facebook and MySpace to track down the gang, and arrested four of those involved, including the alleged attacker.

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