Sunday, May 10, 2009

Go back to where you were assaulted, say Texas police

You have to go to the "right" police station in Britain too. The amazing thing is that despite their laziness, they did eventually catch the crooks

It was 3 a.m. April 18 on the corner of Fuqua and Post Oak when a Houston man we're not identifying says he was brutally attacked and robbed by two suspects. That man was eventually able to overpower one of the robbers-- he took his gun and shot at least one of the suspects.

That victim who spoke to FOX 26 by phone says he went to HPD's Fondren police station for help. He stumbled in bloodied and with the gun of one of the suspects he'd shot.

Instead of getting immediate attention, the man tells FOX 26 he was told by an officer on duty at Fondren that he was at the wrong station. The victim says the officer also said it was shift change and he either should go back to the scene and wait or go to the right police substation.

Gary Blankenship is the president of the Houston police officers union. He says cops have a job to take action, especially in a felony situation. "Officers have to prioritize they're put in that position everyday but certainly if it's at all possible we should respond to the public when they have needs."

Eventually, police were able to arrest the two would be robbers. That came after the officer dispatched them to Post Oak and Fuqua. It's where the victim says he waited all bloodied and with that gun.

FOX 26 learned that police officer is under investigation according to the captain at the Fondren station. As for the victim, he says he couldn't believe he was turned away for help by those who promise to protect and serve.

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