Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Amazing British police arrogance

They can smash into the home of an innocent person and then not fix the damage. They are no better than vandals

Returning home from a visit to the shops, 73-year-old Mary Reason was shocked to discover that police had kicked down her front door and were standing in her living room. She was even more surprised when she was charged £100 for the repairs.

Mrs Reason, from Staverton, Gloucestershire, was due to appear as a witness in a magistrates' court case and police wanted to check that she would be attending. After being unable to make contact with her, officers became concerned for her welfare, said a police spokesman. But they are not legally required to pay for the repairs.

Mrs Reason, who lives on a state pension, told of her amazement and of her refusal to foot the bill. She said: 'I get home and I find them in the house. I am not the sort of person to kick up a fuss. But I'm a pensioner who has had a stroke and I shouldn't have to deal with stuff like this from the police. 'I won't be paying - I shouldn't have to.' She added: 'They had no reason to break in. They could have just walked round and seen there were no problems.'

A Gloucestershire Police spokesman said: 'Our Witness Care Team had been trying to contact Mrs Reason for two days and were concerned for her welfare.
'Officers attended her address and had reason to believe someone was in but there were no signs of movement. They forced entry to her property to ensure that Mrs Reason was safe.' 'They did not find anyone in the property and fortunately it was later found that Mrs Reason was safe and well.'

The repair work was carried out by a local contractor, who had billed Mrs Reason. The police spokesman added: 'It is not the responsibility of the Constabulary to reimburse the cost of any damage which is as a result of officers legally entering a property.'

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