Sunday, March 08, 2009

Another trigger-happy dickless tracy

See a similar case in Australia. Are women too nervous to be frontline police?

San Bernardino County prosecutors have filed 14 felony charges, including murder, against two men accused of starting a shootout with Chino police that resulted in an officer killing a bystander.

Daniel Balandran, 23, of Rubidoux, was slain when an officer mistook him for a suspect in a Jan. 31 robbery of a Papa John's restaurant on Central Avenue.
He was at a neighboring McDonald's, trying to flee the nighttime gun battle that ensued when suspects Joel Anthony Jaquez and Edward Ramon Cisneros encountered police outside the pizzeria, officials have said.

Special allegations for Jaquez include use and discharge of a handgun. Cisneros faces special allegations of using a handgun.

Both men were wounded, as was a Chino police officer. The officer who fired the fatal shot remains on leave. Her name has not been released.

Balandran and a friend had spent the day at a skate park and were eating in a car parked outside the neighboring McDonald's when they saw the shootout. They left the car and ran in the opposite direction, meeting two police officers coming around the back corner of the McDonald's.

According to an attorney for Balandran's family, one of those officers shot Balandran without asking him to show his hands or drop to the ground. Chino police and San Bernardino County sheriff's homicide detectives, who investigated the shooting, have declined to comment on specifics.

"It was reckless conduct," attorney Mark Algorri, of Pasadena, said. "If the person who shot my guy was a civilian, there could definitely be a manslaughter charge filed."

Algorri said he is talking with Chino officials and has not filed a wrongful death claim on behalf of Balandran's family.

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