Friday, January 23, 2009

British police still doing their specialty -- attacking people who are harming no-one

There are few things more tiresome than strippagrams - male or female. If I'm in a pub or at a party and someone bursts in, wearing a police uniform, and starts singing 'Happy Birthday', my heart sinks. But I don't want strippagrams made a criminal offence - unlike Grampian Police. Over the past couple of years, they've spent o170,000 trying to convict male stripper Stuart Kennedy - aka Sergeant Eros - for impersonating a police officer. They have arrested him six times since March 2007, and he has appeared in court 22 times, without them securing a single conviction. They even charged him with possessing an offensive weapon. Is that a rubber truncheon in your pocket . .?

Stuart charges 115 pounds a time to strip, and poses for photos with a strategically placed policeman's helmet. He does it to pay off his student loan. How on earth, you might ask, could he be confused for a real copper? But then I read at the weekend that cops are subsidising their wages with part-time jobs, including throwing underwear parties. Operation Ann Summers, anyone? Wasting 170,000 on this ridiculous persecution campaign is an outrageous abuse of police resources.

If other officers can have a sideline knocking out lacy thongs and nipple tassels, then the Chief Constable of Grampian should be forced to moonlight as a strippagram until every single penny of that o170,000 has been paid back.

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