Thursday, November 20, 2008

Police goon update

More details of the Hope Steffey case here

For the past several months, Sheriff Tim Swanson has refused all requests for interviews about the Hope Steffey case, claiming that it was inappropriate to comment on the case in the media while it was still being reviewed in court. Of course this was complete bollocks; as he just proved, the real issue was that he had an election coming up in November, and he didn't want to say anything on teevee that could be used against him, and now that he has been safely re-elected he is happy to wallow around in front of a camera and say any damn thing he pleases about the case.

For example, that his gang of hired muscle down at the jail are doing this sort of thing all the time, and it's not his fault because he can't ship people down to the local mental ward anymore and that it's O.K. for his crew to strip down women with men in the room because he just can't be bothered to figure out how to hire enough women that he won't be routinely sexually traumatizing women in his jail, "for their own god," but, hey, it's all O.K. for the Stark County Sheriff's office to be running their own personal Abu Ghraib, because the mixed-gender hired muscle that strips women down in cells and leaves them there naked for hours at a time has a nifty four-letter acronym, which makes it all official and O.K.

There is absolutely no conceivable excuse for treating anyone this way, ever. Whether man or woman, calm or "belligerent," nice or nasty, crazy or sane. This is gang rape, professionalized and excused by Official Procedures. What is becoming clear is that Sheriff Tim Swanson and his goon squad, not only have convinced themselves that this kind of brutality is sometimes acceptable, but also that they have an especially broad understanding of the sort of situation that calls for it. They are a pack of dangerous predators, and their uniforms and badges don't make them any better than any other gang of serial rapists.

Original report here

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Zemo said...

Nice post, but even as Swanson is syaing he doesn't have enough women to do a "suicide prevention", he forgets there were 5 women and 3 men there in the hope Steffey case.

And in the case of a strip search where the law REQUIRES same sex, what does he do then? Since he says he doesn't have enough women.
His excuses are pathetic.

I have looked into this case for months. This whole thing is one big coverup.
Missing video, lies, investigations that leave more questions, conflicting testimoney, etc, etc.