Saturday, May 06, 2006


From the sentence given to the thug below it seems so

Cyclist Andrew Williams said he was deliberately mown down, chased and viciously beaten with a wheel brace after asking a motorist to be careful on the icy road. The 49-year-old Sheffield Council worker had head injuries, a ripped thigh muscle and damaged groin and his cycle was mangled in the attack in Sharrow. He was forced to take two months off work and had counselling for post traumatic stress. Months after the attack he wakes up sweating and has nightmares over his ordeal.

The regeneration worker, from Hope, slammed British justice as "soft" after his attacker Hamza Hussain received a non-custodial sentence at Sheffield Crown Court. He hit out at the Crown Prosecution Service who reduced the charge of attempting to cause GBH with intent to affray. "This attack was vicious and sustained and it has had a massive effect on me," said Mr Williams, who is back at work but still feels the physical and emotional affects. "The sentence in court was disgraceful. What kind of deterrent is that? British justice is a joke sometimes."

Mr Williams was riding his bike in Sharrow Street on a sunny but freezing day last December when Hussain nearly knocked him off. "I got alongside him, tapped on his window and said politely `just be careful' because of the road conditions. It was icy," said Mr Williams. "The next thing, I heard his engine revving hard and wheels screeching. Somehow he managed to drive down the middle of two rows of gridlocked cars and then drove intentionally at me, sending me flying. "Then he chased me down the road with an iron bar and hit me over the head. The next thing a gang of about five Asian lads came at me. I was desperate for help and was shouting. There were dozens of other drivers and workers everywhere but everyone was too shocked or scared to help. "I ran off into a nearby school yard but the mob started kicking and punching me shouting `kill the white bastard'. If I had gone down I think that would have been it."

Hamza Hussain, 18, of Club Garden Road, Sharrow, pleaded guilty to affray, possession of an offensive weapon and dangerous driving and received 250 hours community service and was told to pay 2,500 pounds compensation to Mr Williams at 10 pounds a week. He was barred from driving for two years. The gang has not been traced.

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The cowardly new politically correct British police busy themselves with trivialties to avoid facing the abundant real crimes

A software engineer was arrested, fingerprinted and forced to give a DNA sample, and kept in a police cell for five hours after being accused of criminal damage valued at four pence. Geoffrey Hibbert, of Farnborough, Hampshire, was detained for cutting four plastic cable ties to remove a sign that he claims was put on his property without his permission. He said that the arrest was a "complete waste of taxpayers' money".

The large yellow sign, giving warning that cars parked illegally would be clamped, was attached by Tango Security, a clamping company, to a road sign that in front of Mr Hibbert's garden wall. Mr Hibbert cut it down, then rang Tango Security, telling it to collect its sign and six new cable ties, which he was offering in replacement for the severed ones.

Tango Security reported Mr Hibbert to the police. He refused to accept a caution and the matter was referred to the Crown Prosecution Service, which threw out the case.

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