Monday, December 12, 2005

Man who fathered kids to 14-year-old twins praised by their mum

It does seem like an injustice was done here. The feminist dogma that the man is always in control and to blame is garbage

A mother who allowed her underage twin daughters to have four children to the same man has defended his actions. The woman blames her daughters, aged 14 at the time the love triangle began, for the bizarre relationship that took place under her roof for several years in a town near the Queensland coast. No names or details can be given, to protect the children involved. "The father was a good man, he still is," says the woman, 43, who now lives in Brisbane. "My girls were nothing but trouble, they were sexually active and fighting over him. They actually fought for his attention and one of them always came out of it with a black eye. He's just a man who didn't know what he was in for. He was overwhelmed."

According to their mother, the girls shared the man after he moved into a workshop under her rental home in late 1995. There, the teenagers vied for the then-18-year-old's affections. The twins each had two children to him. Three of the babies arrived when they were 14 and 15, the fourth at 18. "He was homeless when we met him, I think a girlfriend of mine introduced him and he moved in as a kind of lodger," said the twins' mother, who has four other children.

She said the "strong-willed" sisters, now aged 23 and living elsewhere, "swapped and changed", sharing the man's attention. The relationships turned sour in 2003 when custody of two of the children was awarded to the father. One of the girls turned on the father in a bid to regain custody of her girl and boy. "One of my girls decided he'd stolen her childhood so she went to the police and they charged him," the mother said. "Then the police charged me."

The man was sentenced to nine years' jail after pleading guilty to charges of maintaining a sexual relationship with minors. But the twins' mother refused to turn her back on the man. Instead she wrote a strongly-worded letter which was read in the Queensland Court of Appeal. The letter stated the twins were "uncontrollable". "He was just a kid" and "other guys they ran around with would not have stuck around like he did". Her daughters had chased him with great intensity . . . he was a fantastic father who worked to provide for his families . . . both twins often left their children with him "to suit their party schedule".

The appeal court recently reduced the sentence to five years, with a recommendation the father be released with supervision after 18 months. He could be released in eight months. Justices Phil McMurdo, Pat Keane and Ros Atkinson said it was unlawful and irresponsible conduct to take advantage of unfortunate young girls. But it was not a case of a cold-hearted and calculating quest for sexual gratification. They said the man had done tolerably well, meeting fatherly and financial responsibilities. The twins' mother said: "He can't wait to see the kids and he's paying $10 a week towards their upkeep . . . He's a good father and he wants to be part of their lives." The mother was charged with two counts of permitting abuse of a child on the premises. She will appear in court on December 20.

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